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Granted: # US 7,403,159 B2 – Microstrip antenna having a hexagonal patch and a method of radiating electromagnetic energy over a wide predetermined frequency range.

We are the first at the microstrip antenna industry to apply Fibonacci sequence, Golden ratio & Fractal geometry in hi-tech developments and to design the first “natural” antennas. The patented technology enables us to develop antennas in a “magic” way with highest and best specs in a top level. The special Know-How developed by us leads to a new mathematical discovery and can be understood and applied by any engineer. The patent describes the ideal shape of antenna Patch. The fractal structure of the patch enables transmission at a wide bandwidth, while maintaining a high antenna Gain level. The patented patch shape is superior by its characteristics to all the known patch shapes that are used in antenna engineering. This invention has already proved itself far and beyond all expectations in our product line.
For more details, please refer to our Antenna Lab – FRACTOM.


Pending: Multi-polarization antenna system with a spherical radiation pattern.

A patent pending, state of the art radiolocation technology. The invention describes a multi-polarization antenna system as a radar station. The system can scan the environment in all types of polarization across a continuous monotonically varying spectrum. The main task solved was the creation of a multi-functional radar system with advanced capabilities and ensuring its stable operation in harsh field conditions.


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