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GOODELTA is an engineering research laboratory specializing in the research, development and design of innovative antenna systems, radars and cellular communications through patent pending and patent granted methods.

Our mission is to re-define current communication standards, leveraging our team’s technological and intellectual power to create a virtually infinite pipeline of business opportunities fit for the 21st century, in areas such as:

Wireless technologies

Antennas and Antenna technologies

Multi-polarization Antenna systems

IoT, GPS and M2M

Radars and Radiolocation

Millimeter waves, 5G and Cellular communication

Our Core Product

GOODELTA has created a multi-functional radar system which offers a more complete picture of the location object than any comparable system in the world. Our antennas can scan the environment in all types of polarization across a continuous monotonically varying spectrum. The system allows to maintain a high rate of data update in both stream and discrete modes of operation. Our solution shows promise across varying spheres of activity and can be used for example:

  • In radar applications operating in a complex signal-jamming environment, with a spherical radiation pattern
  • In technologies designed to detect radio silent air, space, ground and over-water targets, including those manufactured using “Stealth” technology
  • In radio navigation for autonomous vehicles
  • For the coordinate-spatial orientation of people with visual impairments
  • For robotic devices
  • In the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • To monitor meteorological and environmental conditions
  • In medical diagnosis
  • In telecommunication, including the new generation of mobile networks 5G
  • In radio astronomy
  • In radio intelligence and countermeasures with radio jamming
  • In secure means of communication

Executive Team

Dmitry Gooshchin

CEO & Co-Founder

  • Brings extensive technical and managerial experience
  • Holds an M.Sc. in Astrophysics and Planetary Sciences from the Tel Aviv University, Israel
  • Expert in antenna technologies, marketing and sales
  • Holds patents in the area of antennas and wireless technologies

Anatoly Gooshchin

CTO & Co-Founder

  •  Over 40 years experience in antenna technologies and the telecommunication industry
  • Holds an M.Sc. in Radio Communication and Broadcasting from Moscow Technical University of Communication and Informatics, Russia
  • Expert in TRIZ and technical innovations in antenna and telecommunication industry
  •  Outstanding skills in technical project management and product development

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